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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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when you first find out you have breast cancer, you feel like you're in a nightmare.
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test. test.
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. >> mix of 20s and 30s.
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tuesday still stays dry. ahead are big time changes. for tonight, the biggest concern is the freezing rain. not only for the north bay like we see, but the east bay, the south bay and also the peninsula will have widespread 20s and 30s. by all means, take those pets in and protect those plants. if you haven't already lost them from the cold weather we had throughout december and january. it is clear as a bell across the state. we are finding plenty of action well out here in the pacific. this is the tap of moisture that will bring in not only one system this week, but three different systems in three days. our mid week storm will take a bit of time to get here. we do think by wednesday, we will see increasing impact. throughout wednesday is when we will look at showers and the north bay with temperatures remaining cold throughout the
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duration of the week with 350s. we will see the clouds increase. you may see a slight showers pop into the north bay. it will not be until thursday that we will get in on accumulating rain in santa rosa. overall totals with the first round at 10:00 a.m. on thursday, will be .10 of an inch. we will get some rainfall here for the east. as for tomorrow morning, 24 in santa rosa. 25 in livermore. 31 in santa cruz. you may have to start thinking about what you will wear for tomorrow. you will need a couple of layers. as we look at the temperatures for tomorrow. we will be below average instead of above average with plenty of widespread low 50s from san francisco to san mateo into
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redwood city. a real chill in the air in concord and san marin. a decent warm up after the numbers in the 20s to low 30s. you can click on the weather tab on our web site. here is the seven-day forecast. wednesday night, a chance of the shower in the north bay. on thursday, increasing chances of rain. the larger accumulating rain is on friday when it also is expected to be windy. as we head through saturday, a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. on sunday, for the 49ers game, it doesn't look as great as the past weekend. we have a chance of rain for the weekend. also a little bit of wind and temperatures in the 50s. we know there are no umbrellas allowed there. fans will have to tough it out. >> i think they can do it. a little rain jacket and you are good to go. >> everywhere on the streets of san francisco, what's going to happen on sunday? what is the kickoff temperature?
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>> i'll write it on my back. still ahead, standing up for a dwarf. one tweet was just three words. and waiting to find out the se of the baby could help stop the abortion of female fetuses.
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forget shopping for baby clothes based on blue or pink. keeping the sex of the fetus could prevent gender-based abortions. the american association of medical journal said some countries said sons are preferred. there is some debate on whether withholding the information from pregnant women is ethical. a shout out in a golden globe speech is a sensation.
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actor peter dinklage asked people to google a man martin henderson. he has become a twitter sensati sensation. he is an actor and dwarf. he was picked up and thrown by a drunken man leaving him paralyzed. dinklage wanted his speech to bring attention to the incident. were you one of the almost 17 million viewers that watched the broadcast? it outdrew the emmies and american music awards in its time slot. ricky gervais returned as his third time as host. here is to rose bud. one of the best american movies ever made. it is getting a showing at one california state park. the hurst castle will host "citizen cain." orson wells depiction of the
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publisher and movie producer because many thought it was his life story. he said it was all made up, but many at the time were afraid to show the film and face bad press in the papers. the festival organizers were surprised of the showing of the movie which he considers a classic. as do many people. people. just ahead, beyonce, a scientist and a bug. stay with us. >>
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talk about a real fly girl.
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scientists have discovered a new horse fly whose characteristic is its rear end with a golden hue. here it is. that is beyonce. the singer has been singing in a fly collection since 1981. that is the same year that pop singer was born. she sings that song bootylicious. that is why the scientists named the insect beyonce. get the connection? >> let's get the issue where you will wear the forecast on your forecast. >> and on my back. we have some big time changes coming our way. we have a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. widespread 20s and 30s. the coastline or interior sections will be cold tomorrow morning. chance of showers wednesday and accumulating rain as we head through thursday and friday. >> very good. thank you, jeff. thanks for watching. brian williams is next.
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